About ProAm Racing

 Our mission is simple. Create and manufacture the best product possible, period. At ProAm Racing we take pride in building the best parts that are often copied, duplicated, replicated, and even passed off as ProAm by some retailers. We will not manufacture, or sell you a part if we are not 100% certain that the product we, ProAm provides is the best product we can manufacture, and meets our strict demands of quality as well as fit and finish. ProAm Racing manufactures products that are not "D.O.T. approved", and built for "Offroad Purpose" only.

Shop location & Hours;

3646 Presley Ave, Riverside CA 92507

Monday - Thursday 9am-5pm / Friday by appointment only

Office (951) 689-7400 / Fax (951) 689-7499

Email us: proamracingproducts@gmail.com

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